Establishment of National Bank of Egypt, Cairo as commercial bank for the industry and at the same time as central bank with the right to issue bank notes.

Establishment of Banque Misr, Cairo as the first bank with exclusively Egyptian shareholders by Mohamed Talaat Harb (1876 - 1941).

Establishment of Banque du Caire, Cairo.

Establishment of Bank of Alexandria, Cairo.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s nationalization of all banks under the government of Gamal Abdel-Nasser (1918 - 1970). The new established Central Bank of Egypt takes over the central bank functions having been performed by National Bank of Egypt until then.

MIBank - Misr International Bank, El Mohandesine - Giza is established subsequent to the government of Anwar al-Sadat (1918 - 1981) having allowed the establishment of privately owned banks and foreign shareholders. Its shareholders are Banque Misr as well as banks from USA, Italy, England, Germany, Spain and Japan. In line with the expanded privatisation under the government of Mohamed Hosni Mubarak (born 1928) Banque Misr reduces its share in MIBank 1996 / 1997 in two steps to 25,955 %. This is achieved through the issuing of global depositary receipts and the direct placement of shares at the stock exchange.

Misr Bank - Europe GmbH starts doing business. Shareholders are Banque Misr with 70 % and MIBank with 30%.

In connection with a capital increase from DM 25 million / € 13 million to € 30 million, National Bank of Egypt, Banque du Caire and Bank of Alexandria become additional shareholders of Misr Bank - Europe with a share of 10 % each.

2005 - 2007
In the course of the restructuring of the Egyptian banking system and the privatisation of formerly state owned banks, National Société Générale Bank (Egyptian subsidiary of Société Générale, France) has acquired the shares of Misr International Bank and has merged with the latter. Banque Misr has acquired the shares of Banque du Caire. Italian Intesa Sanpaolo group has acquired the shares of Bank of Alexandria.

Bank of Alexandria sells its participation in Misr Bank - Europe to National Investment Bank.

Banque Misr takes over the participation of National Société Générale in Misr Bank-Europe.