The No.1 for financing of any kind of business relationships between Europe and Egypt.

We are the best corporate bank for European and Egyptian corporate clients (Importers and Exporters) to intensify and finance business relationships between Europe and Egypt as well as the MENA-Region. We are part of “Egypt Inc.” and understand the economy and culture of the country as well as the region.

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Trade Finance / Documentary Business

Since inception of our bank in 1992 the trade finance/documentary business facilitate the export and import activities of our clients and is the core business of MBE. We support our clients from a straight-forward documentary collection business up to complex LC-transactions. We provide cost efficient and tailor made transaction solutions, implemented timely. Our staffs year-long practical knowledge in the trade finance business and our excellent contacts in and understanding of Arab world are the foundation in this business. Due to our exceptional good understanding of the Egyptian market, MBE is in a position to provide risk undertakings with longer tenors as usual in the market. This way the competitiveness of our clients increases accordingly.

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Trade Finance Importing into Egypt/Mena - Region

We finance the acquisition of investment goods by Egyptian companies in Europe by providing tailor made investment loans in EURO or USD.

MBE - Importing into Egypt/Mena - Region
MBE - Importing from Egypt/Mena-Region

Trade FinanceImporting from Egypt/Mena-Region

We support companies in Europe to settle their imports from Egypt/MENA Region on the basis of our extensive correspondence-network.

Trade FinanceExporting to Egypt/Mena-Region

We offer exporting companies services such as:

  • bank guarantees – direct, indirect via correspondence banks
  • processing of all documentary business
  • Pre-financing of exports
  • local banking services for teams in the country

MBE accepts Egyptian risks with tenors of more than one year. MBE fulfills both the criteria of being a “local bank” as well as a “local state owned” bank.

MBE - Exporting to Egypt/Mena-Region
MBE - Exporting to Egypt/Mena-Region

Trade Finance Exporting from Egypt/Mena Region

MBE finances receivables of Egyptian companies against their clients in Europe, North America and other regions. This way the Egyptian company…

  • gets immediate liquidity
  • reduces its counterparty risk
  • is able to take advantages of interest rate differentials
  • can offer to its client longer payment terms

Financing of sustainability investments

MBE supports and finances projects in Egypt related to sustainability criteria. Investments into renewable energy, water purification, desalination, reduction of CO2-emissions in industrial processes as well as sustainable agricultural projects are part of our business. In cooperation with international organizations, investors and institutions in Egypt, MBE arranges tailor made financings to make projects a success. We provide support to any such project in the sense of a life-cycle concept starting with the definition of the project, the conceptional work to the suitable financing and we monitor a project as an active partner.

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