You are a corporate client?

You are welcomed to contact as a corporate client or ask us for a personal contact. MBE is a pure corporate bank and does not serve private clients.

Please send us a message stating your company name, your request and your contact details to

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Misr Bank - Europe GmbH
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Misr Bank - Europe GmbH
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60015 Frankfurt am Main

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For general Information:
For the MBE Export Financing programme:

Telephone: 0049 69 / 29974 - 0
Fax: 0049 69 / 29974 - 600

Client Complaints

As client satisfaction is a major concern, Misr Bank-Europe GmbH has established an internal complaints desk, which according to a determined procedure will take good care of your complaint in a reasonable and timely manner. Preferably, any discrepancy should be cleared up with you in a direct conversation.

In the first instance you should get in touch with your relationship manager and notify him/her of your complaint.

In case your account manager is not a position to provide a remedy he/she will refer you to his/her line manager. If you would rather not speak to your account manager about your complaint, or he / she is unavailable, please ask to speak to his/her line manager. Additionally, if you do not deem this proper for you, then please send your complaint to the following E-mail address:

For further Information on MBE’s internal complaints handling procedure, please refer to our document “ Information on client complaints”.